The fight against the scab on the apple tree

How to get rid of the Apple Scab

How to get rid of the Apple Scab

Let’s find out what is the disease scab on the apple (see photo) and where is it come from? The scab appears on the apples after a bad cleaning of leaves from the last year. On these last year’s leaves the scab spends the winter, and when the tree starts to dissolve the kidneys,the fungus spores get on a little still quite green and young leaves of apple and then gradually get over apples and, of course, grow.The apples, which is located on this pest become ugly and they have strange, quite irregular form, and even stored not as it should, they start to rot.

How to get rid of the scab on the apples

We got to know what this disease is and how it appears now, let’s consider its total destruction from our garden. It is known that the scab winters on the leaves, of course, after the meeting all the apples, you should clean the garden and trees of all the leaves and burn them! It would be ideal if you sprayed the crown of fruit trees in the garden of a concentrated solution of urea (about half a liter to 10 liters of water). We recommend to you all the soil, which is located around the trunk of the tree to pour a solution of 700 grams of urea per 10 liters of water. It is better to spray the trees in early spring and after flowering. For this we use the treatment (2 ampoules swift to 10 liters of water). When you finished the second spraying, feed the tree,you have to dissolve in a small 10 – liter bucket of water no more than 50 grams of urea and potassium salt. We recommend to you repeat the process of fertilization after 20 days.