Why leaves of the pear tree begin to blush?

Rules for the treatment of fruit trees in the garden.

Rules for the treatment of fruit trees in the garden.

Often we can observe that during the beginning of autumn, leaves of pear on top of the crown begins to blush, covered with small dark spots. After this, disease appears below and appears on the leaves. Its arises a question, why the leaves became red on a tree, why is this happening? The leaves start to blush due to an excess of phosphorus in the soil around the tree. During excess, the leaf will red on the underside.

Do not delay treatment of tree for the next season, give to the pear tree phosphorus fertilizers. It is best to start treatment with the month of April. Feed tree it once every 2-3 weeks until July.

The second problem may be too wet area around the pears. Stagnation of rainwater make a negative effect on the condition of the tree. If the tree is young, it will be better to transplant it on the most suitable place, otherwise, the pear tree can lose more energy and in the final result it will not give the fruits and the tree will dry.