Planting cannabis seeds

Planting hemp at home as correctly, preparation of seeds, germination.

Planting hemp at home as correctly, preparation of seeds, germination.

As a result of the organization, process and proper spring planting of hemp seeds in open ground would become her future harvest. To harvest hemp at the end of the season was high, it is necessary to possess basic skills in the growing of cannabis at home.

To obtain a healthy Bush and consequently a large crop should be planted, the sprouts of cannabis, after they were all winter in the greenhouse and a light bulb receives the necessary lighting. But, before planting in the open ground of the greenhouse plants, I have to prepare. This will help the seedlings to grow actively. In the incubation period of the marijuana bushes will be healthier, you need a warm room with temperatures above 22°C and humidity not more than 50%, and good lighting, cleanliness. Experts recommend using incandescent bulbs, they facilitate active plant growth, from the size of the room will depend on the power of the lamps. You can also use other types of lamps, such as led, fluorescent and sodium lamps high pressure, but they are more suitable for the flowering stage of cannabis. Large plants and the healthiest start to grow in the greenhouse in December, and with the onset of spring, they are planted in the open ground, to the onset of the planting season in outdoor, most hemp is growing up and she stems were more dense.

To germinate cannabis seeds in different ways. For example, put the seeds between moist paper towels, and when they bloom, are placed in a nutrient medium. Using this method, you need to be careful not to damage the roots, seeds, what is revealed, put roots down. A more reliable method to plant seeds is to put them directly in the pot, in the ground, make a little hole and drop the seed, cover with soil from above and maintain a constant humidity. A few days later, you can see the first green sprout on the soil surface. This pot is placed under the lights, and the seedlings will grow. Cannabis grown from seed grows much faster than seedlings grown indoors.